Friday, August 28, 2009

This is actually polite in different countries...

So, the other night Jeff and I were having dinner. Well, actually, Jeff was eating and I was feeding Daniel. After having a very casual dinner, Jeff took a big swig of his drink and let out a very large belch...(by the way, this is definitely not customary for us... :) Daniel immediately looked up at his dad, shocked, might I add, and smiled the biggest grin I have ever seen. Now, what followed was probably the most hilarious thing that I have seen yet. Daniel, too, had just finished a big swig, and proceeded the smile with an even bigger belch than his dad's. I could not believe it. We all broke out in laughter. My son had just beat his dad, straight up, in his first ever belching war. So proud. Yep, I definitely had a boy!

The White House

So we moved to DC, and moved right in to the white house...well, not the real one, but close enough, right?! We are so excited to be living in this house. It is just perfect. Once we got the living room painted...I felt pretty much settled. This place really feels like home, even though all of our loved ones are so far away. We can't wait for visitors!..oh yeah, that picture on the top is our next adventure...the over-grown garden. The sad part is...those are all weeds!...I can do this...I can do this!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Birthday and Painting

So, the moment RobbiAnn and the girls left we were down to business. We love the was clean and beautiful, but the colors on the walls definitely did not fit our style. As you can see, the wall over the fireplace was purple (which in a certain type of room could be pretty cool), definitely not me though. In fact, our first Sunday with RobbiAnn here, I mentioned that it was hard to feel comfortable in church, because I kept thinking about our purple wall. She said she felt the same...hahaha. We took care of it, and have been painting ever since. We did however have one wonderful break when Jeff took me out for my birthday. We went to the Cheesecake Factory! YUM! I love that place. I only got through a bite or two of my meal because Daniel was, I guess, super excited to be there too! It was a nice thought, going out to a nice dinner and all....well, back to the walls...